The Best Sailing Gifts For Your Captain

The Best Sailing Gifts For Your Captain

Is your best friend incomplete without the sea breeze wafting through their hair? Here are the best sailing gifts for your captain.

Sailing gifts

Your best friend, your captain, has a special day coming up. You need the perfect gift.

You know they love the open water but, after struggling to make a decision, you just get them...another impersonal gift card, just like last year. If you're feeling uninspired when shopping for your captain, you've come to the right place.

We've got the best sailing gifts in all the seven seas - and something for every budget, too!

Keep It Cool

If you hear your buddy say "Buy Me A Boat", don't take that as a cue to take him literally.

Your captain might just have the hit song on his mind. If he's looking for a place to ice down his Silver Bullets, get him a Yeti 110, made famous by the country hit.

Nautical And Nice

Everyone wears at least one little thing that helps them express themselves.

There are those who cover themselves in giant gems and others who are good with a tiny charm on a thin gold bracelet. If your friend loves the open waters, why not get them something inspired by the sea?

Think things like an anchor necklace or a colorful rope bracelet tied up in nautical knots.

Grand On Land

Perhaps your captain can only go out boating on weekends and is landlocked during the workweek.

Great sailing gifts are those that keeps the ocean close by. It can be as simple as a lamp that looks like a canoe oar that they can keep on their desk.

They're sure to love anything that reminds them of their passion.

Make A Splash

When you're out on the waves, you have to make time to play.

The Manta Ray Abyss Board is perfect to take water sports to the next level. Unlike other water sports toys, the Abyss Boardrider is towed under the water.

It's completely safe and gives you the gift of flying - plus it looks really cool.

Sophisticated Sailing Gifts

Wristwatch sales have exploded in the last few years. It's safe to say they are among the most trendy and stylish sailing gifts you can get.

Spinakker watches are perfect on the water or on dry land.

Plus, you can dive up to 100 ATM with some models. Stylish, functional, and perfect for boating, your captain will wear his with pride.

Thirst For The High Seas

There's nothing worse than getting out on the water and realizing your beverage has gone lukewarm.

Keep your captain's drink disappointment at bay with a YETI Rambler Tumbler. Made of kitchen-grade stainless steel and double-walled to keep your drinks cold or hot, these make unbeatable sailing gifts.

Don't leave your friend high and dry; surprise them with a YETI tumbler.

Turkish Delight

Have you heard of Turkish towels? They're thinner than regular terrycloth which means they take up less space.

Plus they're super absorbent and dry out quickly. They're incredibly versatile, too. Think beyond just using them as a towel.

Turkish towels can become a cover-up, a table cloth, a sunshade, you name it. You'll want to get a few for your captain and treat yourself to one too!

Time Is Money

If you're not looking to drop a lot on sailing gifts, consider donating your time.

Help your captain fix up the boat. Clean it till it sparkles or, if you're handy, take care of any minor repairs. Another indispensable idea? Consider, if you're part of a crew, introducing new friends to the boating lifestyle.

That way if you're every indisposed, your captain might have someone new they can learn on.

Every friend you bring on board is another person that can help.

Pick Up The Tab

There are a lot of expenses for those that are into boating.

Why not consider picking up the tab on a few of them? Next time your captain and the crew decide to head out for a few hours, be the one who brings the brews and the buffet.

If you're competing in a race, pick up some of the registration or ticket purchases. Not all sailing gifts have to be physical. A little time and effort can make a big difference.

Sailing Sounds

Everyone likes listening to music while exercising. It's been proven to keep you motivated and engaged while working out.

Why should it be different in the water?

In the past, you couldn't bring your music with you if you were going to get wet. That's all changed thanks to new technology, like the NU Dolphin Lite MP3 player or the Molecule helmet.

The waterproof Molecule helmet protects your head without sacrificing sound. You can listen to your music through it or even hook it up to a walkie-talkie.

The NU Dolphin Lite looks incredibly futuristic. Plus it can store up to two gigs of your favorite music in its waterproof casing.

While these sailing gifts are great for one, if your captain wants to blast his favorite shanties from fore to aft, consider a waterproof Bluetooth speaker.

Take Your Captain Out

Your captain is in charge of his boat...but what if he maybe wants to take the day off?

Take charge for once and let your captain kick back. Your friend deserves some time to enjoy the actual ride and not have to constantly make decisions.

Spending some stress-free time together is one of the best sailing gifts anyone can receive.

Stylish Sea Legs

While barefoot is often best, nothing beats a solid pair of boating shoes.

Sperry Topsiders remain a stylish staple of many a captain's closet. Consider, also, The Kennedy design from New Balance, great for taking the nautical theme out on land.

If you've got the budget, Gucci has also come out with sailing-themed shoes.

Whether on sea or on land, a stylish pair of shoes are a great foundation to build on.

Bring The Ocean Inside

Want to redecorate your captain's pad from top to bottom with nautical inspired decor?

No problem! There are tons of great ways to bring the love of the sea inside. You can start small and easy, like furniture from DVELAS Living Sails.

DVELAS creates free-form furniture (think: beanbags, folding chairs) from their durable and sturdy sail material.

Or if you really want to go big, you can even buy an entire kitchen that looks like a boat.

Land And Sea In One

The Marecucina kitchen by Alno looks like a boat just sailed into the middle of your kitchen. The sails are the lights and the deck is the sink and the stove. It's eye-catching and sea-inspired.

No one can deny your friend is all about boats when they see these incredible sailing gifts!

One Gift, Many Uses

What's one of the handiest sailing gifts out there? A multitool.

Even if your buddy already has one, you can always upgrade it. Whatever the job may be, you'll find the perfect tool for it on a multitool.

You never want to be caught out on the water without one. They have so many uses, you'll be glad to have one on hand.

Made In The Shade

There's nothing more stylish for a sailor to wear than a classic pair of sunglasses.

You can stick to the always in style RayBan Wayfarers. These shades come in tons of different colors and styles but you can't go wrong with iconic black.

Some aviator mirrored sunglasses are a safe bet too. A polarized pair is best for taking the glare off the water.

Tech Touch-Ups

As our phones become essential on land, they're incredibly useful at sea, too.

From navigation to emergency calls, your captain needs his phone to work well and in various conditions. Some sailing gifts you can consider are a waterproof phone cover or a battery life extender.

They'll be grateful if they accidentally drop their phone in the drink or need that extra bit of battery to take a snapshot of their epic catch.

Dopp Kit

Cabin space is limited so it's important to pack efficiently.

Sailor Bag Dopp Kits are made out of sturdy sailcloth and help keep your toiletries separated and clean.

Plus, you can have them personalized!

Love Those Gloves

Pulling ropes and cranks all day in the unforgiving saltwater can make a mess of a man's hands.

Your boating buddy will be grateful if you include a sturdy pair of gloves in with his sailing gifts.

Reading Material

When your captain is ready to kick back and unwind, he might reach for a book or a magazine. There are tons of great subscriptions and picture books out there that capture amazing ocean life.

Consider a few boating books for your buddy.

Keep Current With Rugged XL

No matter what you go with, sailing gift central is undeniably Rugged XL.

Not only can you find items that can handle anything you throw at them, they're stylish, too. Your captain is in charge for a reason. Celebrate him with gifts that live up to his legendary status.

Which gifts are you going to get for your captain?










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