RuggedXL Brings a YETI To Willow Grove Mall!

RuggedXL Brings a YETI To Willow Grove Mall!

You read it right. In fact, we're bringing more than just one YETI. We're bringing a whole line of them!

Okay, I'm sure you guessed by now we're talking about our line of YETI coolers and tumblers, and not the elusive, large and smelly creature. Although it would be really cool to bring one...just sayin'.

We've been so excited about the ever-growing popularity and growth of our high-quality YETI tumblers and coolers that we're going to expand our store with a kiosk this summer inside the Willow Grove Mall (aka: Willow Grove Park), right smack in the middle on the first floor.

YETI at Willow Grove Mall

Be sure to stop by and say hello. We'll be there right after Memorial Day and all throughout the summer.

Willow Grove Park is located in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, and considered a benchmark shopping and family entertainment destination within the Philadelphia metropolitan area.

Willow Grove Park offers over 130 popular stores, including ours of course! The mall also offers a wide variety of delicious places and stops to eat and relax too. Willow Grove Park also hosts many free events and programs for the community, and families to enjoy.

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