Cool Camping Gear for Your Summer Trip

Cool Camping Gear for Your Summer Trip

Heading down to your favorite campground soon? Check out this awesome list of cool camping gear you really shouldn't go without.

cool camping gear

Nothing is stopping you from grabbing a backpack and some boots and heading off camping this summer.

But just think -- you don't want to be "that person" that doesn't bring the essentials and ends up sleeping under one tarp when it's pouring outside. Camping doesn't have to be an uncomfortable caveman experience -- in fact, it can be pretty amazing if you bring the right tools.

Here's the thing about camping: everyone needs the essentials. That's a no-brainer.

But did you know that there's tons of cool camping gear that can take your camping game to the next level? No pop-can stoves here -- this stuff is for people who want to take a summer camping trip and do it in style.

Does that sound good to you? Because it sounds awesome to us.

Let's talk about the coolest camping gear for your upcoming summer trip.

1. Cool Tents

For anyone who's been in a tiny little tent, you know this struggle. You only have a small amount of room to fit your gear and yourself. That's fine and all, but what if you have a partner with you? What if there are five of you?

Enter the communal tent.

Tents like the Gigwam or the POD Tent seek to solve this problem. Essentially, they're a series of tents connected by tubes, but they can become your house in the outdoors. There are even some that feature crazy things like a garage for your minivan!

People might think that these tents are kind of a gimmick, but rest assured: like many other regular tents, communal tents are made of high-strength, durable material, so you won't have to worry about them blowing away in the wind or ripping in the rain.

Plus, they're modular, meaning you can use two pods or five. It's all up to how big your crew is.

Maybe, though, you're looking for a customizable tent without all the antics of tunnels and wigwams. There's cool camping gear for that -- for instance, the Inti 2, which comes with a configurable alcove to expand the length of your tent. You can use it as a simple awning, or create more sleeping room underneath it.

When you don't need it, simply detach it and it's a smaller version of itself. Convenient! This is a great catch-all for when you're traveling alone, with a friend, or with your family. In hot environments, the awning gives you a respite from the sun and provides great shade for kids and pets alike.

2. The Camper Box

Sometimes you want to be a solitary camper. Get out on the road with just you, your car, and the wilderness.

If that describes you, you need a camper box.

Part of the problem with trailers and RVs is that they're so bulky and restrictive -- you can't go to certain places with them, and you're limited in terms of the amount of space you've got. With cool camping gear like camper boxes, they solve that issue by giving you your very own sleeping space on top of your car.

Now you don't have to worry about where you'll fit. As long as your car fits there, you've got a campsite. This is car camping, but supercharged. They usually come with comfortable mattresses so you're not just sprawled on the hard hood of your vehicle. Plus, depending on the size of your car, you can even take some friends along with you.

That also means that you can use your car to store all your gear. With storage pockets, overhead lights, and windows, you don't skimp on all the modern convenience of camping.

3. Eco-Stoves

If there's anything that will ruin a great summer trip, it's not having delicious food to eat. No one wants to eat camp slop every day for a week. That's why your cool camping gear collection needs to include cooking tools as well.

Take, for example, the Enki WILD stove, which turns any available biomass into fuel. They say it's made to last "forever," giving you an idea of its durability. Just put it down, add in whatever kind of biological material you can find, and bam -- you've got fire.

Worried about it running out of battery? While it does have a charging kit, the battery lasts for a solid 50 hours of cooking time.

Lots of stoves don't give you the power to really cook and grill, but the WILD is a serious camp stove for serious campers. This thing will give you the power to grill steaks, fish, and anything else you might find.

4. Gadgets for Fido

It's no secret: people love camping with their dogs. They even consider them family members. No family should be incomplete without their dog, but it can be tough to take your furry friends camping.

That's why we compiled some cool camping gear that's friendly for your dogs!

When you want your dog to stay put, look into tie-outs. Many of them are screw-shaped for easy installation and strong enough to withstand any breed of dog. These are great for keeping your dog close to a campground and making sure they don't run off.

There are tons of great travel bowls for dog food and water, like the Comsun collapsible dog bowl. They're made of durable plastic and rubber, safe for your pet to eat from. They even come with convenient touches like carabiner hooks and snap-on lids. No need to lug out heavy metal or ceramic bowls.

You also need some things to keep your pooch warm and protected at night. Whether it's pup tents, attachable dog sleeping bags, or even dog beds that transform into mini-enclosures, there are plenty of ways to keep your pal safe and sound.

Lastly, it's important to keep your dog healthy and safe, both from the environment and from bugs and ticks. Look into dog lifejackets and booties to keep them protected. You can also buy dog-friendly bug spray to keep any nasty visitors from hitching a ride on your pal.

5. Water and Beverages

While this is the fifth entry, it's probably the most important.

There are tons of stories about campers running out of water and drinking from streams or rivers from questionable origins. This is a horrible idea -- while you can become sick to your stomach or ingest inedible materials, you can also contract some pretty serious diseases if you're not careful.

With that being said, you need to make sure that your list of cool camping gear includes things to keep you (and your pals) hydrated and healthy.

First off, you need a way to get safe-to-drink water from potentially unsafe sources. Luckily, some companies have created cool camping gear to do just that, like the GRAYL, which is an automatic water-purifying water bottle. Just fill it up, press it down for 15 seconds, and go!

Once you have purified water, you need some serious room to keep all of it so you don't go without. With the YETI Rambler, you get a full gallon of purified water for the long day ahead of you. No condensation and it keeps your drink cold -- perfect.

What about for all the drinks you brought? You need to keep those beers, sodas, and waters frosty for your friends and family.

For serious campers with big families, you can invest in the YETI Tundra cooler, which sports an enormous capacity of 140 cans. Fill it up once and your whole trip is taken care of. Plus, it won't sweat like a lot of coolers, and there's no chance of it sliding around in your car.

Or, if you're more of a river enthusiast, YETI also offers a variety of seafoam coolers which are great for floating or boating. They're durable, offer a ton of carrying space, and are even bear resistant when you decide to go back to land. Who said cool camping gear wasn't tough-as-nails? 

6. Last-Minute Cool Camping Gear

This last category is for things that aren't essentials but are too awesome to leave out. You might not use these on every trip, but they're sure to be useful when you need them.

That includes things like amazing collapsible hatchets, sleeping bag onesies for full mobility, or even all-in-one coolers that play tunes, blend drinks, and keep your beverages cool. 

While hunting isn't for everyone, there's also tons of cool camping gear for people who want to get out there and bag some game.

And while it may not be the most glamorous thing in the world, you want to remember to pack the things you can't go without like toilet paper, tooth brushes and toothpaste, and showering materials. After all, camping doesn't mean you have to look and smell like a bear, you know.


From talking coolers to incredible ten-man tent cities, we've got you covered with all the cool camping gear you need to make your next summer trip a blast.

We're here to provide you with all the knowledge you need, plus our huge selection of insulated coolers and drink products.

Have an amazing camping invention we forgot? Drop us a comment and let us know.




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