A Guide to the Best Hunting Gear for Hunters

A Guide to the Best Hunting Gear for Hunters

As a hunter, you have to be prepared for many things. Be prepared for your next hunting trip with the best hunting gear. Check out our guide here.

If you want the best hunting trip possible with the ideal yields and kills, you'll need to pack the best.

YETI hunting gear

Hunting can be a fun hobby whether you do it once or twice a year or every weekend, this article is for you!

This review of the best hunting gear is for hunters who want to excel at their craft. Only the best hunters get the best and biggest kills. Sound appealing?

If you want to separate yourself from the rest of the camo-clad, you'll need to start with the best hunting gear. See our suggestions below.

The Best Hunting Gear

When you're planning a hunting trip, you'll need to go through your hunting checklist. Instead of overwhelming you with all the items you need, we want to give you examples of a few items that can make a big difference. 

In our best hunting gear guide, we're focusing on types of products that will get you results.

Getting there

You won't be able to catch anything worthwhile if you can't get out to where the animals are. In a review of what they value most, hunter's best hunting gear asset was a good pair of boots. 

The type of boot that is right for you differs with the kind of terrain and hunting you're doing.

Cold Weather Deer Hunting Boots

If you'll be hunting in the winter this year or live in a cold climate, you need boots that will keep your feet toasty. When you're shopping for these, pay attention to how much insulation the boots offer.

Insulation is measured in grams and the higher it is the warmer the boot will be. You also want them to be waterproof with good traction in the event of ice and snow. This one is a top pick.

Cold Weather Foul Hunting Boots

For foul hunting, you'll need something more waterproof with less traction. There are boots that lace up and are waterproof, but your best bet is a rainboot type construction.

You'll want to look for insulation grams, like above and the rating of cold they can withstand. We like this boot, it rates well and has a bonus scent-control top drawstring. 

Warm Weather Deer Hunting Boots

The last thing you want is sweaty feet, they can throw your whole body off. When you're hunting in the hot weather, the last thing you want in insulation! Look for things like mesh and venting in a lightweight boot to help your feet breathe.

Warm Weather Foul Hunting Boots

It's hard to find a rubber boot that allows air flow and that keeps your feet cool. The lining of these should be moisture wicking and some sort of mesh to allow air flow. Look for boots that have specialized insoles to keep you from overheating. 

Luring your Prey

Foul Lures

Since waterfowl are community loving animals, they're more likely to land if they see a flock. To capitalize on their social nature, you'll need some high-quality decoys. 

We're not talking about the old school wooden duck decoys either. There are companies who have made their decoys look so real, that you can't tell the difference in photos.

When you are looking for a great duck decoy, look for realistic painting and floatation. With geese decoys, you'll want the feathering to be realistic as well as an organic appearing stance. 

You want to buy the most natural-looking decoys possible, even though they cost more. 


If you hunt in the right place, you're less likely to need deer lure sprays. For deer, what's more, important is that they can't smell you. If you were to pick between a scent masking spray and deer lure, the previous will be more worth your money. 

Seeing your Prey

Fuzzy or far off visuals in the field will not help your bag your kill. To be efficient and successful, you'll need to have a good clear view of your prey. These items are the most expensive on our list of the best hunting gear, but they will make a clear difference in your hunt. 

Good optics are another one of the top things hunters must have in their hunting gear collection. Binoculars or rifle scopes have to be strong as well as having high-quality glass lenses. Durability is a consideration as well since they'll get knocked around at least once a trip.

If you need to wear glasses out in the field, you'll need binoculars that will work with your eyewear. If not, you want the highest quality glass lenses you can find. 

If you are looking to cut down on the number of things you bring in your pack and are a gun using hunter, you'll want a great rifle scope with the clarity and distance of a pair of binoculars.

Killing your Prey

It would be impossible for us to recommend the best weapons for each type of hunting. There are so many great choices and so many different opinions and preferences. 

So instead, we're going to concentrate on knives rated to be the best hunting gear for prepping your prey after you've killed it. What should you look for in a knife? You'll need to consider the grip of the knife, the strength of it, and if it dulls quickly. 

You don't want to waste your time with a dull knife or risk your safety with a slippery handle. Some hunters who go deep into the wilderness need their knives to double as survival tools as well.

If you're looking for a hunting knife, there are two main types: fixed and folding. Fixed knives come with sheaths and are hung from the belt. These are a better bet if you want your knife to do double duty as a survival tool.

Folded knives are more convenient and are generally lighter. The hinging feature on them makes them less strong, so they aren't a survivalist knife. A folding knife is a good fit for most hunters who aren't hunting in extreme conditions. 

It also comes down to preference. You might find you prefer one type over the other. As long as you consider your conditions, you'll be set either way. 

Moving your Kill

Large Game

How you transport your kill out of the hunting grounds depends on what you kill. If you're hunting alone and are hunting big game, it's not realistic that you'd carry it all the way back to your car. Sleds are the best hunting gear choice for large kills.

Even if you're with another person, game sleds are a great way to carry your kill and take it home. They come in two types: classic sled and collapsible. By using a game sled, you are keeping your game up off of the ground and on a cleaner surface. 

The way that the game rests on the sled distributes weight evenly and cuts down on any accidental tearing off limbs. It can also serve to keep the blood from your kill in one place, which the person doing your laundry will appreciate. 

Small Game and Foul

Transporting foul and small game is much easier than moving big game, yet it's annoying to have to treck back and forth with big yields. There are a lot of options for carrying foul. Most of them include some sort of rope rig. 

A cleaner and more sophisticated way to carry your small game or foul catches are in a YETI cooler. This way you can keep your catches on ice and make sure they stay in great shape until you get home. 

Cool Hunting Gear

Coolers can be used on hunting trips for more than just keeping your catches on ice. Depending on the length of your trip, coolers can be one of your best hunting gear choices. 

If you're on a long hunting trip, you'll need someplace to store your food as well as your post-catch beers. However, leaving food at a camping site can be tricky. There's an easier way than hoisting up your stash into a tree, thank goodness.

YETI coolers are made to stay cool days longer than other coolers. This will prolong the life of your food and the integrity of your prey. 

For longer trips, YETI's super strong coolers are the modern version of hanging your food from a tree. They won't let even the smartest bear open them up. They're cased in metal so there aren't any worries about them cracking. 

There are YETI products for your post hunt barbecue as well! You can use your same cooler to store beers and sodas for your friends (once it's thoroughly cleaned of course! They also offer buckets for the same purpose.

Unlike other buckets, these tanks are double walled and caps are available for them to keep the sun from beating down on your cold ones. 

That concludes our suggestions for the best hunting gear items with the biggest impact on your hunting experience. What piece of equipment are you most likely to buy for your next trip?

What's your best hunting gear item? Let us know! We might consider stocking it in our shop.

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